Praise Night and Baptism

Today I met a rock that was hiding under a rock for the past few months.  The rock asked me if I knew about Praise Night and Baptisms.  I was like, “Whoa!  Even a rock hiding underneath a rock knows what is going down!”

In case you were hiding under that rock and it failed share:

AGAPE PRAISE NIGHT is this Wednesday at 7:00pm in Damen MPR.  Get there early at 7:00pm for pizza dinner!

ECCLESIA BAPTISMS are this Sunday at 10:30am in Crown Center Lobby.  Repeat: 10:30am.  Several of our sister chuches and alumni will be joining us in worship.  A potluck is to follow so please bring a dish to pass.

If you have anymore questions than trek up to Damen 223 where you can most likely find Agape & Ecclesia peeps.


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