Agape and Ecclesia is led by four staff members and lots of student leaders. Come find us in the Campus Ministry suite on the second floor of the Damen Student Center!

Hey yo. I’m Mike, a borne and bred Midwesterner. I come to Chicago through small towns in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. I graduated from Bluffton University back in 2005, spent a year in Scotland, and then wandered over to Northern Seminary (Chicago). Six years ago I came to Loyola and met students who were on campus and doing a bible study (Agape). Those students inspired and adopted me into their community. Now years later our church has become a beautiful sign of God’s grace and kingdom.

I love the city of Chicago and the people who live here. Give me something active to do and outdoors and you have won my heart. Let’s explore a new neighborhood or go for a late night bike ride. Let’s go hiking (with Tyler of course) or listen to live music. All in all, it is the people in my life that make it so rich.

What do you love about Loyola? Loyola cares about what the students do and who they become. Additionally, the campus is stunning!

What do you love about Agape/Ecclesia? Gosh. Too much. I love the students’ passion and eagerness. I love the way our community wrestles with hard questions of faith. I love the way that people are vulnerable and accountable to each other. I love that we are never content with the way things are. Jesus is at the center of all we do and that is the ultimate love.

What is your entrance song? “Man in the Mirror” – MJ

Favorite book? Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard

Tyler Ward

Hey! I’m Tyler- I’m originally from a small town in North Carolina called Boone. I graduated from a small liberal arts school called Milligan College in 2012, and last fall I moved to Chicago to begin a residency program with Agape and Ecclesia, as well as with a local congregation called Community Christian Church. Recently, as is the case with a great many folks who stumble upon this great city from all places rural, Chicago has won my heart for a season and I have entered into a part-time staff role with our community here at Loyola. A bit about me – I enjoy hiking (but not in Illinois, as it is impossible to hike through a corn field), good movies, fine casseroles, and the heart-wrenching baritone of the late, great Johnny Cash. If you enjoy country music, tell me, and I will talk to you about it for the rest of your day.

What do you love about Loyola? I get the feeling that people at Loyola actually care what sort of place this world becomes, which is a fine quality. Also, Lake Michigan.

What do you love about Agape/Ecclesia? A whole bunch. Agape and Ecclesia take seriously the deep, rich traditions of the church, while imagining new ways for these truths to be communicated. The heart of Jesus remains central to the ethos of this community: God is worshipped, and everyone is treated with worth, dignity, and a deep, abiding compassion. Also, CCC, dinosaurs, and hashbrowns.

What is your entrance song? “Can’t Fight This Feeling” – REO Speedwagon

Favorite book? Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller

I’m Rachel! I am from a smallish town in Indiana called Warsaw that specializes in orthopedics and corn, which is what drew me to the excitement of the big city of Chicago. I did my undergrad at Loyola and just graduated this year, but I just couldn’t stay away. I was involved with Agape and Ecclesia because I had made a lot of friends throughout my college career that either attended the ministries or helped lead them, and I knew it was a place where I was always welcome. My hobbies are short and sweet: reading and writing (which is great for me because my major was English).

What do you love about Loyola? I love the location of Loyola, and the people. It’s great to live in Chicago, and even better to live in Rogers Park amongst all the diversity. The students though are the best part of Loyola. It is rare that you would come across a student here that isn’t extremely passionate about something, whether it is something that benefits the community like helping the homeless, or pursuing their own personal dreams. Everyone is passionate about something.

What do you love about Agape/Ecclesia? I love that I get to be a part of a group that accepts all kinds of people and loves all kinds of people, but does these things because they know the love of Jesus.

What is your entrance song? Dancing Queen – Abba

Favorite book? The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Alec Kenny

Hey friend! I’m Alec, and 2015 is my first year on staff with Agape/Ecclesia. I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana but later moved to Petoskey, Michigan. After graduating from Loyola in 2014 I moved to Philadelphia to volunteer with a Christian service group for a year. Now I’m back at the school where my love for God began and I couldn’t be more excited!

If you know me at all you probably know I am a person of extremes. Whether I am being extremely ridiculous or diving deep into theological conversation (I can imagine people thinking I’m either too serious or not serious enough) but at least I’m not dull! For fun I love to play sports–or really anything that’s competitive and I’m somewhat good at. If you like to quote the movie Mean Girls and eat Chipotle call or text me soon so we can hang out!

What do you love about Loyola? I love Loyola for encouraging me to grow in my faith. Loyola is also where I’ve met some of my best lifelong friends. What’s not to love about that!?

What do you love about Agape/Ecclesia? I love Agape/Ecclesia’s desire to know God and to make Him known on campus. I love our ministry’s focus on scripture and prayer throughout the process as well. I love how our church desires to bring people closer to Jesus and give all the glory back to God. I love how our church tries to keep things simple by doing our best to follow the example of Jesus.  We are first called to be disciples, we are then called to make disciples, and as a result, God will move in the mysterious and miraculous ways that only He can do (if you’re skeptical, like me, take a look at The Bible).

What is your entrance song? Say My Name – Destiny’s Child

Favorite book? Let Your Life Speak, Parker J. Palmer

Our Student Leaders

If you would like to get in contact with any of our student leaders, they would love to hear from you! Our church could not function without our student leaders, who lead our meetings and services, and are dedicated to serving Jesus and the church. Here is a list of our organizations’ presidents and vice presidents along with their emails.

  • Ashley Love, Provia’s President: alove6@luc.edu
  • Ellie Baugher, Agape’s President: ebaugher@luc.edu
  • Ashley Mejia, Agape’s Vice President: amejia5@luc.edu
  • Sarah Carillo, Ecclesia’s President: scarrillo@luc.edu
  • Kelly Ravenscraft, Ecclesia’s Vice President: kravenscraft@luc.edu