Praying vs Panicing

This is the week when everyone is FREAKING out because of homework!  I invite you to pray instead of freak out.  God’s peace and Spirit will lead you through this week.  I am confident of that.

I am confident that the best way to navigate through stressful times is not to avoid regularly meeting, but instead to engage those opportunities because that is where God wants to minister to us and through us.

-Tonight is Tuesday night prayer at 930pm.  Check here to see where we are meeting.

-As usual Agape will meet at 730pm in Damen MPR.  I am loving my small group and hope you are as well.  If you haven’t joined us yet then please come on by and we will get you into a small group.
-Sunday is Ecclesia and we are starting our new series by looking a vocation.  I can’t promise I will tell you what to do with the rest of your life but I will promise it will be an essential time to consider the scope of your Christian vocation.


CCC deadline is this week.  Sign up friends.  We want you to join us in building our church and growing in relationship with God.

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