National Cabbage Day. Lenten Season. Town Hall Meeting

Today is National Cabbage Day and Fat Tuesday.  Are they related? Most likely no. Speaking of relation, here are some ways God is drawing us into relationship.

  • Tonight we are meeting in Mundelein at 9pm for United Prayer. We are going to prayer walk through the building and intercede for students, professors, and the campus.
  • Wednesday night is Agape. We are meeting in our small groups this week. Invite a friend to your small group. Wednesday is also the begging of the Lenten season. There are Ash Wednesday services on campus we will be participating in as we begin our Lenten journey.
  • Saturday is our once a year church-family meeting in IES at 11am. If you are part of our church we want you there to ask questions about our finances, future, and statements of faith.
  • Sunday is Ecclesia. Last week we had a guest worship leader and this week we have a guest preacher. I don’t want to tell you too much but let me say two things.  First, he will challenge you. Second, his beard has a Facebook page.

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