Talk Into the Phone ep. #3: Nothing Rhymes With Stuffing


Amy, who would win in a fight between Rudolph and Frosty?

Umm…I’d say Rudolph- that’s a ridiculous question. It’s obvious, he’s a freaking reindeer. He could just like, kick Frosty’s snowball head off. I feel like that’s obvious.

That’s pretty violent, but also obvious.

Or… I mean, he has so many options. Take him near fire: dead. Kick off his head: dead. Wait a few months: its springtime now. Dead.

So, how did you come to this community?

That’s not an interesting story…I should just make something up. No, I’m pretty sure it was the same as everyone else: went to the org fair. I was looking for a Christian group to join, and then I saw Agape. They had candy; Whitney was there. I came on Wednesday nights and they were nice. The end.

What draws you into the community?

I think two things: one, you can really sense that the Holy Spirit is present and active among us, and two, we’re really good at caring for each other.

So, why are you a Christian?

Um, I don’t know- I think in like the most basic and logical sense, because I think it’s a reality- God is a reality. Following him is a natural reaction to realizing that. Also, I’m a Christian because God is faithful, so I think he’s great and I try to listen to him.

You answered a bit of this, but what draws you to Jesus?

I guess I hear a lot of people saying “oh, he’s a nice guy.” But actually, when I read the Gospels, Jesus says a lot of terrifying crap. So I think the real reason that I’m drawn to Jesus is because I have such a deeply ingrained sense that I am a million miles away from God. And Christ being the embodiment of God and the exact imprint of his nature and a mediator between me and God is absolutely essential for me. So, just the fact that I have a mediator and advocate before God, but it is God, and it’s Christ … it’s pretty wonderful.

What gives you hope?

I guess I just think of the Kingdom of God, and what the Kingdom of God is like. Not in a way of “this is what you ought to be like, or this how you ought to live.” But, it’s like when you feel as though you’re trapped in darkness, and then you realize there is no darkness in the Kingdom of God. The values of the Kingdom: life, light, joy, love, all those things are comforting. To think that these are the values of the God we worship, that these are the things he enjoys and wants … and to think that those realities are present in our life right now in some form, and they’ll be present in an even fuller reality later – that gives me hope. Also, it gives me hope when people embody that around me.

Okay, so recommend a thinker, author, pastor, prophet, provocateur; someone people should read more or listen to more or think about more.

My favorite for a long time was A.W. Tozer. I think he has a lot to say to the church today, and he lived in a way that reflected it, too. He and his wife never owned a car, and they gave away a ton of their proceeds away to people who needed it. Also, Rich Mullins.

Yeah? Why do you say Rich Mullins (Christian Musician/Ragamuffin/Prophet. see below) ?

I think he was the first person I ever recognized to embody the values of the gospel in the greater Evangelical universe of leaders – who do a lot of preaching and teaching – he was the first person I recognized who really embodied the Gospel.

Any parting words?

I should have thought of something clever. But I didn’t. I guess, just take heart. The things that are true about Christianity and Jesus and who God is are true on the good days, and on the really awful days.


As an aside, Rich Mullins is a genius. If you have the time, check out this clip.

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