We’re back!

The only thing I enjoy more than our March & April is my grandma’s peanut butter pie.  That means I relish Agape/Ecclesia’s March & April more than:

the World Cup

Chicago Hot Dogs

red circles

Avril Lavigne.

my green sweat pants


……..And you know how much I love Avril Lavigne.

March is a sweet month of a season change and anticipation for God’s new activity in our lives.  It is also the build up to EASTER when Jesus show’s death who is boss.  April is essentially a month long celebration of baptisms, Praise Night, the Fun Run, and our opulent Formal.  Before I get ahead of myself here is what dandy things are happening this week

Tuesday night prayer.  Look at our Facebook groups to see where this is.  This is our place for intercession and praise and petitions.  Let’s come together and affect our campus through prayer.

Wednesday night Agape.  How did God move during your Spring Break?  Come and testify?  Also, we are going to have some P & W as well as reading about one of God’s most erratic and committed prophets: Elijah.  Also, Jr. Pie afterward!

Sunday night Ecclesia. I’m preaching this Sunday and am going to spend about an hour this afternoon praying over that subject matter.  I’m not sure what I am preaching on but am already excited because it has been awhile since I have been in the saddle!  I do believe that the Lord has a message for our community regarding our faithfulness to Him and our love for one another.


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