Work/Work; Play/Play



…this dog gets it.
TONIGHT! Agape: back and better than ever. Once more in Damen MPR South at 7:30, we’ll be gathering for testimonies and small group Bible study.

ALSO TONIGHT! Sophomore Pie: post-Agape, meet outside the MPR. We’ll be Baker’s Square-bound for a mighty raucous evening. You’ve been warned. SOPHOMORES ONLY (EXCEPT FOR MIKE, CHRISTIAN, RACHEL, TYLER, WHO GET ALL THE PIES).

Saturday Night: Bro Night at the Bro-pollo (aka the Devon House). If you’s a bro, come out. Also, bring your fellow bros. Devon House, Saturday Night, 7:30 (1417 W Devon).

Sunday evening: Ecclesia, same bat-time, same bat-location (Palm Court, 7:30). Fr. Michael Moore bringing the heat, talking about your vocation as a friend.

Finally, a serious note, even if it is a bit out of tune- have a full week, friends. We love you and we pray for you. To reiterate the wise words from that great 4th year sage, Olivia Hedstrom: Work when you work; play when you play.

Take luck.

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